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Blum hinge set ClipTop 107

Blum hinge set ClipTop 107

Product Ref: BLH120

In stock

Blum ClipTop concealed door hinge, complete with mounting plate, cover caps and screws.
A wide 107 degree opening angle allows easy access to cupboards.
Hole diameter = 35mm

Use this Blum hinge in conjunction with the optional Soft Close Buffer (shown below), to achieve a luxurious slow motion, soft close effect.

How to order

You will need to choose a mounting plate for your Blum hinge. This is the part that fixes to the cabinet.

First, measure the thickness of your cabinet - this should be either 15mm or 18mm thick - and enter your choice below.

Next, choose how the mounting plate will be fixed to the cabinet.
Some cabinets have pre-drilled holes, 5mm in diameter. If this is the case, choose "System screws" as the type of fixing.
If the cabinet is not pre-drilled, then choose "Standard screws"

That`s it ! - your Blum hinges will be supplied with all fixings and fitting instructions included.

  • Please select   
  • 15mm   
  • 18mm   
  • Please select   
  • Standard screws   
  • System screws - for use with pre-drilled 5mm diameter holes   

Price: £2.65 (Including VAT at 20%)

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